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Mental Health Counselling for Young People

Holistic approach to addressing mental health concerns and building young people’s wellbeing.

Developmental perspective | Psychological Education | Parent Coaching | Complex Care

South Fremantle | Claremont in Western Australia

Talk to your GP about a Mental Health Care Plan

if your child or you as a young adult is experiencing TWO or more of the following:

For all ages: tiredness, withdrawal, irritability,  declines in school grades, other school difficulties, anti-social behaviour or loss of interest in peers,  difficulty adjusting to parental separation, having experience adverse life events like being victimised, have other members in the family who have mental health concerns, difficulties relating to family members, anxiety symptoms, excessive fear and worry.

For young adults:  having learning difficulties, struggle in the morning but do better late afternoon, long term illness, lack of a close confiding relationship with someone, sleep disturbance, mind racing and going blank or numb, confusion and feeling on edge, vivid dreams, avoiding situations to keep the feelings at bay, distress in social situations, increased use of substances, little motivation to plan the future.


Ten yearly rebated appointments are available as SIX Parent Only or Parent/Child Dyadic Appointments with

FOUR Individual Child Sessions

Upfront fee is $160.00. Rebate is $89.35 Cost to you after rebate is $70.65 for each 50 x minute appointment

To support and guide you with information about the mental health needs of your child. We work from current neuroscience based information for raising resilient children. We prioritise a practical and solution focussed approach that you can integrate into your parenting to enable your child to build resilience. We work from the ‘heart of your parenting’ which is to support and enrich your unique relationship with your child.


Developing abilities for parents to support and guide their child with mental health concerns. We facilitate in depth conversation about how you are doing as a parent as we build a developmental understanding of your child alongside of ways to develop your mental health knowledge and its applications to your child. Together we can develop your child’s mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of what it means to be healthy.

Parents and children can learn about their mental health and how to increase wellbeing. Young adults are supported to chart a journey toward positive futures and ways to build good mental health using their unique strengths, personal style and insights. We look at resilience building and creative expression. Various mental health strategies are explored and integrated such as stress management, positive self talk, self compassion and mindfulness informed activities, structured problem-solving and strengthening parent/child relationships to build life long resilience.

FEES: For Young Adults with a referral and Mental Health Care plan from your GP. Cost to you after Medicare rebate is: $70.65 for each 50 minute appointment. (Upfront fee of $160.00 is required, invoice available on the day of appointment to take to your local Medicare office for next day pay into your account or Claim On-Line if you have MyGov account or by Express Plus Medicare Mobile app).

Daphne works to support recognition of stress and struggle without judgment. Together we will form an understanding of the mental health needs for you or for your child. Daphne is a Senior Practitioner in the field who uses an integrated approach to mental health strategies. She prioritises direct supportive and educative work with parents and their special relationship with their child to restore and develop their resilience. She uses playful and creative means to help children and adolescents to be able to express their mental health needs alongside of their future hopes and wishes.


Recommended Books


Snapshot from the website…read more

Age 6-12

From learning about emotions to helping your child manage anxious feelings – when it comes to primary school kids, we’ve got you covered.

Raising resilient children

Topics: Developing communication skills, Solving Problems, Dealing with Bullying, Managing emotions, Mental health conditions in children – What to look for


Meditation Techniques-About the app

from the App Store or on Google Play

Learn the life-changing skill of meditation

Get more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Video lessons on mindful movement and gentle stretching.

Exclusive music to help you focus, relax and sleep.

Suitable for Beginners

Costs: around $60 per year

Snapshot from the website…read more…Parenting with a mental illness

You are not alone, you can get through this.


Recovery and parenting

Understanding your mental illness

Your support network

Managing conflict

Helping my child and family

Claim your rebate-About the app

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The Express Plus Medicare mobile app makes it easier for you to do your Medicare business online.

Use the app to do a range of things 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With the app you can:

• submit Medicare claims

• update your bank account details and contact information

You need a myGov account linked to Medicare to use the app.

ReachOutWorryTime for Anxiety & Stress

About the app

from the App Store or on Google Play

Everyone has worries pop into their head from time to time, but sometimes they won’t go away and start to impact your everyday life.

ReachOut WorryTime interrupts this repetitive thinking by setting aside your worries until later, so you don’t get caught up in them and can get on with your day. This means you can deal with worries once a day, rather than carrying them around with you 24/7.

Key features:
– decide on a time, place and length of time to deal with your worries each day
– when you notice yourself worrying about something, add it to WorryTime and get on with your day
– use your WorryTime to review the worries you’ve added and ditch the ones that no longer matter to you.


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