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Mental Health Therapy Support 

Adults | Adolescents

This service offers mental health art and creativity support therapies for adults and adolescents who are already engaged in mental health services. General counselling is also available for life transitions and personal growth.

The service is provided by Daphne Middleton, a qualified and senior accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Medicare provider with specific training in various creative counselling and art therapy approaches, child and adolescent mental health and various psychotherapies.

Daphne Middleton is committed to providing confidential therapeutic support that is based on research evidence. The approach is action-based, emphasising ways to extend the various skills and values that people already possess. It is based on helping people to express a meaningful creative account of one’s survivor skills, growth and development.

[PDF-Downloadable] How Art Therapy Counselling works-ARTICLE

[PDF-Downloadable] BROCHURE Expressive Art Therapy- Daphne Middleton



A mindfulness, trauma informed and focussed post traumatic growth service integrating creative expression.

Mindfulness or present moment awareness helps us to pay attention without judgment. This helps us to stay grounded in challenging situations utilising ourselves as our best resource to rely on. Being trauma-informed and focussed on post traumatic growth means practicing from an education about what constitutes trauma (biological and psychological impacts), your survivor skills and resulting strengths and bringing those understandings in when assessing and working with mental health concerns. Above all, it provides a collaborative, transparent and inclusive service where there is no pressure to re-tell distressing or traumatic events. Creativity is the ability to be open, flexible and originating (if not playful). A creative life allows us to respond to life using a wide range of options, perspectives and personal style. It helps us to sway with life’s challenges and opportunities in our own special way. It is often taught using the visual arts which can form the basis of an ongoing practice or connection with the self expression aspect of art and with the therapeutic aspect to develop self awareness, relaxation and calm. The best thing about creative expression is that you do not have to have any specific art or creativity skills as we are all inherently creative. Together we explore the ways that your personal, unique creativity can contribute to your good mental health.

Benefits provided include:

  • Emotional regulation and increased self awareness and mastery.
  • Relaxation Strategies-Stop racing thoughts.
  • Increased frustration tolerance.
  • Stress management skills development.
  • Increased ability to make meaning of one’s challenges and life events (insight) and ability to think abstractly using symbolic representation.
  • A useful support to be used in between sessions and for lifelong support.
  • Increase ability to express and heal without so many words.
  • Provide your therapist with more information about your situation.
  • Maintain good mental health and wellbeing.


Referrals from GP’s and other health professionals are welcome. Medicare Better Access to Mental Health, Teachers Health Insurance for Psychology Assessment and Counselling and Chronic Disease Management program (Enhanced Primary Care) rebates available.


Get in touch with Daphne Middleton to discuss therapy supports for your client’s care plan.

T:  0404 014 343