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Daphne Middleton BSW (Hons), AMHSW

Fully accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW)

Registered Medicare Australia Provider #2913053J (2007)

Accredited Member Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)

Mental Health & Wellbeing Service for psychological strategies and counselling

Helping adults, children and adolescents to develop resilience and good mental health

This service offers mental health interventions for individuals, children and adolescents. The service is provided by Daphne Middleton, a qualified and senior Mental Health Social Worker and Medicare provider with specific training in various counselling approaches, child and adolescent mental health and bio-psychosocial assessment.

Daphne Middleton is committed to providing confidential psychological intervention that is based on research evidence. The approach is action-based, emphasising managing current difficulties and creating a meaningful account of one’s survivor skills, growth and development.

When working with children parents are included as active participants in the counselling approach. The interventions are based on taking an integrative approach with the parent/child relationship central to the work. Parents and children can learn together about their mental health and how to increase wellbeing.

Individuals who are seeking counselling and strategies are supported to chart a journey toward positive futures and ways to build good mental health using a focus to build on their unique strengths, personal style and insights.

A mindfulness and trauma informed service integrating creative expression.

Mindfulness or present moment awareness helps us to pay attention without judgment. This helps us to stay grounded in challenging situations utilising ourselves as our best resource to rely on. Being trauma-informed means practicing from an education about what constitutes trauma and bringing that education in when assessing mental health concerns. Above all, it provides a collaborative, transparent and inclusive service where there is no pressure to re-tell distressing or traumatic events. Creativity is the ability to be open, flexible and originating (if not playful). A creative life allows us to respond to life using a wide range of options, perspectives and personal style. It helps us to sway with life’s challenges and opportunities in our own special way. It is often taught using the visual arts which can form the basis of an ongoing practice or connection with the self expression aspect of art and with the therapeutic aspect to develop self awareness, relaxation and calm. The best thing about creative expression is that you do not have to have any specific art or creativity skills as we are all inherently creative. Together we explore the ways that your personal, unique creativity can contribute to your good mental health.

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Daphne draws from a range of proven psychotherapy disciplines such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, Solution Focussed Therapies, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness and Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapies using Positive Psychology. These approaches inform how we will create an individualised program to suit you or your child.

Our therapy programs are:

Drawn from current research and training.

Based on making a thorough psychosocial assessment.

To develop emotional or regulation/emotional intelligence skill building.

To develop you or your child’s unique skills set to develop life long resilience.

To discover your key strengths, abilities and personal style or those of your child.

To ensure that young people are able to act in line with their treasured hopes, dreams and personal values

For you or your child to feel more vital, creative and self confident

For you or your child to grow up more joyfully and self accepting

And to be able to review and re-create meanings and understanding of past life experiences

Engaging with young children

Young children can experience creative means to feel comfortable and relaxed in relationship to the therapist to enable a mental health assessment to be achieved. Play and using art as therapy is a known way for children to express, experience and understand themselves. It can be used to develop problem solving skills and self confidence.

We work with parents and with children focussing on your unique relationship.
We use a child-focussed approach but create tailor made solutions in partnership with parents. Sharing therapeutic, creative activities can enhance parent/child relationships and open up shared conversations.

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy helps individuals, children and adolescents to express and re-tell their experiences in positive and empowering ways.  It can reduce the overwhelm of problems and reconnect people to their values, hopefulness, goals and plans. The therapist helps to create strong storylines of various skills and knowledges alongside of other psychological strategies to address what makes for good mental health.


Self referrals or referrals from GP’s and other health professionals are welcome. Medicare Better Access to Mental HealthTeachers Health Insurance for Psychology Assessment and Counselling and Chronic Disease Management program (Enhanced Primary Care) rebates available.

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Psychological Therapies

Benefits provided include:

Cognitive -behavioural therapies with mindfulness and art therapy to develop emotional regulation and increase self awareness and mastery.

Relaxation Strategies.

Skills development in Social Skills, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills and Solution Focussed activity

Parenting skills and psycho-education.

Difficulties commonly related to (but not exclusively):

Development and transitional issues


Anxiety and Depression

Peer and family relationships

Loss and Grief

Stressful life event

Chronic illness