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Mental Health Counselling

Child & Adolescent | Young Adult

Private mental health service based in Claremont & South Fremantle, Western Australia


This service offers mental health interventions for children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years of age and for young people up to 25 years of age. The service is provided by Daphne Middleton, a qualified and Senior Mental Health Social Worker and Medicare provider with specific training in child and adolescent psychology, child development, bio-psychosocial assessment and complex trauma. Daphne Middleton BSW, AMHSW is committed to providing confidential psychological intervention that is based on research evidence. The approach is action-based, emphasising managing current difficulties and creating a meaningful account of one’s survivor skills, growth and development.

Children and their parents are active participants in the interventions for children. The interventions are based on taking an integrative approach. Parents and children can learn about their mental health and how to increase wellbeing. Young adults are supported to chart a journey toward positive futures and ways to build good mental health using their unique strengths, personal style and insights.


Talk to your GP if you or your child is experiencing TWO or more of the following:

For all ages: tiredness, withdrawal, irritability,  declines in school grades, other school difficulties, anti-social behaviour or loss of interest in peers,  difficulty adjusting to parental separation, having experience adverse life events like being victimised, have other members in the family who have mental health concerns, difficulties relating to family members, anxiety symptoms, excessive fear and worry.

For young adults:  having learning difficulties, struggle in the morning but do better late afternoon, long term illness, lack of a close confiding relationship with someone, sleep disturbance, mind racing and going blank or numb, confusion and feeling on edge, vivid dreams, avoiding situations to keep the feelings at bay, distress in social situations, increased use of substances, little motivation to plan the future.

Referrals from GP’s and other health professionals are welcome. Medicare Better Access to Mental Health, Teachers Health Insurance for Psychology Assessment and Counselling and Chronic Disease Management program (Enhanced Primary Care) rebates available.

Daphne utilises a range of therapeutic approaches including cognitive based and other systems therapies. 

Daphne maintains a private practice, with offices at South Fremantle and Claremont.  She is registered to provide psychological services by Medicare Australia mainly through the Better Access mental health program. Daphne provides psycho-social mental health assessments, psychotherapy, psychological education and case management for children and adolescents and their families experiencing complex problems including depression and anxiety, self-harm and suicidal ideation and adjustments to traumatic life events. 

GP Referrals

A GP referral is required if you wish to claim a Medicare Rebate. TEN yearly rebated appointments are available and requires:

STEP 1: Attend an INITIAL GP appointment to qualify for an initial SIX appointments. Your GP will complete a Mental Health Care Plan.

[Upon completion of the initial SIX appointments]

STEP 2: Attend a GP Review appointment to qualify for a further FOUR appointments)

Provide your GP with details of this service fully registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) and Medicare Australia.



Ten yearly rebated appointments are available as guided by your GP.

Parents only are requested to attend the first session to obtain background information and to create a plan for therapy. Children and parents are seen together as standard practice. Individual adolescent sessions are available.

Upfront fee is $170.00 Rebate is $89.35. Gap fee is $80.65 for each 50 x minute appointment. Rebates can be claimed via Medicare (online or Medicare office) after each appointment.

To support and guide you with information about the mental health needs of your child. We work from current neuroscience based information for raising resilient children. We prioritise a practical and solution focussed approach that you can integrate into your parenting to enable your child to build resilience. We work from the ‘heart of your parenting’ which is to support and enrich your unique relationship with your child.

Books we use & recommend