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Access supervision for your staff.


External Supervision supports managers by working to develop staff morale, increase staff retention and reduce unnecessary staff stress leave.

Managers provided with the services of an external supervisor means that they know that their staff are engaged in the following processes:

Discusses and understands worker values, roles, and any conflicts or synergy with practice issues and tensions.

Evaluates how well workers are using their current skills set in the work environment

Evaluates impacts on the worker of various workplace and role challenges, issues, dilemmas and tensions they encounter in practice.

Provides input (mentoring, coaching, clinical knowledge and shares knowledge of the sector) from a more experienced worker position.

Provides the following structure and a safety net to make the worker’s position viable and successful.

Reflective Supervision structure to:

  • Reflect upon and review current working practices.
  • Examine and explore strategies in working with particular clients or situations in a confidential context.
  • Develop knowledge of risk assessment and management skills.
  • Provide an external debrief on any work-related issues examining signs of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.
  • Explore new practices, developments, ideas and perspectives related to the worker’s role and critically evaluate them.
  • Monitor and support the worker’s wellbeing and coping capacity in relation to their work and inclusive of enhancing better work and life sequencing.
  • Problem solve, resolve conflicts of interest, ethical dilemmas and complex workplace issues.
  • Explore career development opportunities.

Organisations unable to fund workers to access external supervision may offer time off in lieu to attend supervision.

External supervision may also have agreed upon input into staff performance management plans with the adoption of a Three-Way Communication Agreement.

Topics covered:


Contact Daphne Middleton to discuss how to support your staff who are on performance management plans. Three-Way Agreements between the External Supervisor, Staff Member and Management provide a confidential and semi-transparent process. This process can help to address concerns and stresses of your staff member. The process will strengthen the resources and skills of your valued staff member in a safe setting.

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