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A standard session is 50 minutes.

Current fees to December 2020

Individual Adult/Individual Adolescent session     Fee: $170     Medicare Rebate: $75.95

Cancellation or non-attendance fee      Session Fee       No rebate

Payment to secure your booking

We ask you to pre-pay your appointment using electronic funds transfer (EFT) through your bank. This allows you to secure your preferred dates and times. Please allow at least 3 days for your bank clearances. Once your payment is received a confirmation email will be sent to you. Having pre-paid for your session means that we will be able to utilise the full 50 minutes without allowing for administrative time to collect funds on the day.

After having met with your counsellor and agreed to the number of sessions you would like to attend, frequency and your goals you may like to pre-pay a number of sessions to secure a regular date and time of your preference. Days and times are limited currently to a Monday & Tuesday in South Fremantle. Mornings are available in Claremont rooms.

If you are eligible for a Medicare rebate you then claim the rebate from those services yourself, online or by attending a Medicare office in person .

Cancellation  or Non – Attendance Fee

We request at minimum  24 hours notice if you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment to avoid paying for the session.  If we receive less than 24 hours notice you will also be charged if you fail to attend the appointment.

Medicare rebate for general psychological therapy sessions

You will be able to claim a rebate from Medicare for individual therapy if your doctor has referred you with a Mental Health Care Plan, or if you are referred by a Psychiatrist or Paediatrician. The current rebate (2020) is $75.95 each session, for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

You can process your Medicare claim using the free Medicare app, online or in person.

Low cost or free counselling or psychological therapy services in Perth.

Edith Cowan University in Joondalup, Curtin University in Bentley, Murdoch University in Murdoch and The University of Western Australia in Nedlands offer very low cost psychology clinics and counselling open to the public.  These are the supervised training clinics for postgraduate Psychology and Masters of Counselling students.