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Work Life Counselling

Do something to improve your work role, support is here!

“In my work history as a social worker, supervisor and teacher I have integrated into any setting creative, acceptance and mindfulness focussed respectful approaches that helped to encourage communication, expression and grounding for personal empowerment and skills development. Today the same approaches are at the heart of my work fitting more than ever with the greater awareness being placed on Connection and Communication, Personal Values and, Increasing Personal Awareness as we build Resilience, Grit & Self Acceptance to face living and working in the 21st century. Whether you are an employee experiencing difficulties at work, in transition to another job or start up or reviewing your role as a carer the opportunity to expand your awareness of your situation and to explore strategies for how to make changes is here.”

Daphne Middleton

Just where you are – that’s the place to start!

Pema Chodron

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