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Child & Adolescent, Young Adult Mental Health counselling & Personal Growth Work in Fremantle, Claremont, Western Australia

Art Therapy – Positive Psychology and Mindfulness informed approach

Engage in lifelong self learning and development using art therapy process and positive psychology. Art Therapy Counselling is a recommended therapy for addressing mental health concerns for children, young people and for adults.

An encouraging and positive environment in which to explore your unique life situation, strengths and life challenges using specific art methods and therapeutic processes by a qualified Senior Mental Health Social Worker with specialty Art Therapy training and experience.

No art experience or art skills are necessary.

Use Expressive Art Therapy and Positive Psychology to review and rejuvenate your life where there have been past stresses and traumatic events.

It is a useful approach to learn and practice to use as an enjoyable and relaxing self care strategy.

It can also be used as a Self Development strategy with developing self awareness and bringing understanding to how you think about and live your life.

This approach incorporates: Mindfulness, Cognitive Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Positive Psychology, Coaching to suit you or your child’s individual situation.


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Use art therapy to enjoy spontaneous movement, to focus on the present moment, to communicate emotion sand express feelings that do not rely on words, reflect on the process to make meaning of what certain situations mean, use symbols, tell a story to re-write your life and self compassion to acknowledge your uniqueness, use creativity in problem solving.

Relax|De-Stress|  Open Creativity|BuildResilience

Art Therapy, Positive Psychology with Mindfulness Informed Counselling is available for the following mental health concerns:

Depression | Anxiety  | Difficulties with Adjustments | Unexplained somatic complaints | Sleep problems | Adolescent concerns | Traumatic life event  |  Self harm | Bullying |Difficulties with relationships |   Chronic stress |Workplace  Stress |Life transitions  | Managing  Disability  | Self  Development | Social  Skills 

Art Therapy & Play for children 5-10 years of age

Young children can experience creative means to feel comfortable and relaxed in relationship to the therapist. Play and using art as therapy is a known way for children to express, experience and understand themselves. It is useful to develop problem solving skills and self confidence.

We work with parents and with children focussing on your unique relationship.
We use a child-focussed approach but create tailor made solutions in partnership with parents. Sharing therapeutic, creative activities can enhance parent/child relationships and open up shared conversations.