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Addressing the mental and social aspects of what makes young people healthy.

We utilise structured counselling, motivational enhancement, case management advice, care-coordination collaboration, psychotherapy and relapse prevention information. The term psychosocial refers to an individual’s psychological development in interaction with their social environment.


Psycho-social approaches

This service offers psycho-social assessment and interventions for children and adolescents ranging in age from five to 18 years of age and for young people up to 25 years of age. The service is provided by Daphne Middleton, a qualified and senior Mental Health Social Worker with specific training in child and adolescent psychology, child development, bio-psychosocial assessment and complex trauma. For children aged up to 15 years of age after initial assessment ongoing intervention support is oriented for parents.

Daphne Middleton is committed to providing confidential psychological intervention that is based on research evidence. The approach is action-based, emphasising managing current difficulties and creating a meaningful account of your survivor skills, growth and development.

Children and their parents are active participants in the interventions. The interventions are based on taking an integrative approach. Parents and children can learn about their mental health and how to increase wellbeing.

GP Mental Health Care Plan referrals accepted.

MHCP’s must be addressed to this service for young people or for your child and is required at the first appointment in order to claim a Medicare rebate.

Full Fee is $160.00 for a 50 minute appointment.

Psycho-social Assessment and Working with Parents

Benefits provided include:

♛ Learn about trauma-informed expression

To help you or your child to make sense of what is happening using verbal and other forms of expressive skills without undue pressure to relive or re-story traumatic experience.

♛ Helping to develop resilience building skills and emotional regulation

Using cognitive and other therapeutic approached to develop emotional regulation and increase self awareness and mastery.

♛ Explore & practice various relaxation strategies

Facilitating various relaxing and restorative techniques.

♛ Develop emotional intelligence skills for good mental health and development

Skills development in Interpersonal Skills, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Problem Solving Skills and Solution Focussed activity.

♛ Support for various parenting challenges alongside of your child’s mental health concerns

Developing abilities for parents to support and guide their child with mental health concerns.


🦋 ADJUSTMENT SKILLS to recover from significant life events and transitions. We help to make sense of what is occuring for you or for your child when certain life events can destabilise and confuse. We support by piecing together key themes and engaging problem solving activity to help forward momentum based on strengthening connection with one’s values, hopes and aspirations in consultation and collaboration with you.

🦋 PARENTING DEVELOPMENT. Facilitating in depth conversation about how you are doing as a parent as we build a developmental understanding of your child alongside of exploring ways to develop parental mental health literacy and its applications to your child.

🦋 ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION RELIEF AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT-With the help of you or your child’s GP this service provides up to 10 x Medicare rebated sessions focussing on developing key skills and psychological strategies for you to work with and to explore.