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Clinical Supervision Overview

“Supervision can be about shoring up skills and competence, strategising professional development paths, a training ground to develop newly learned skills, and it can be a restorative place where you can safely discuss professional concerns and build your confidence”

Family & domestic violence case worker

Supervision is at the heart of continuing professional development (CPD) for all helping professionals. It is the ‘go to place’ for safely sharing reflections about your work and professional identity, organisational impacts and your work with your clients. It is a place to turn to for engaging in honest exploration regarding ethical dilemmas, role complexity, internalised conflicts, skills acquisition and self care practices guided by a trusting, safe and genuinely interested supervisor. I provide a trauma informed approach to supervision so that you are able to work with me from your resilience skills. I help you to articulate various accounts of your work, challenges and successes for us to explore and expand on together. Where supervision is not provided within your workplace you may consider obtaining it externally. Workplaces may also value the opportunity for external supervision and may contribute to your investment in your own CPD by allowing time off in lieu.

There is no set amount of supervision hours to participate in but every reason to ‘turn up’ to an opportunity to obtain external support and skills development.

Flexible supervision model provided by Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with extensive experience in providing supervision for various professions, roles and programs such as:

Social Workers, Youth Workers, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Counsellors, Support Workers, Pastoral Care workers, Teachers.

  • Mental Health
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  • Counselling children
  • Family Therapy
  • Domestic Violence
  • Post release offender programs
  • Youth engagement, youth outreach
  • Corrective services
  • Out of home care
  • Disability

Download the following PDF support documents-For organisations and helping professionals:

Daphne Middleton, Accredited Senior Mental Health Social Worker, Australian Association of Social Workers-Approaches & CV

PDFEXTERNAL SUPERVISION APPROACHES for Domestic Violence Workers-Daphne Middleton AMHSW Scroll to read Daphne Middleton’s CV/Resume`